Automatic garment dispenser

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You can now easily manage the garment flux of your company with these WHITE C vending machines. This automated solutions is adapted to the distribution of clothing in the health sector and in the industry. Identification with RFID badge is possible.

The different WHITE C models allow an automatic distribution of up to 800 garments in a small surface. This system is thus most certainly modified for use in environments with small spaces available.

Each invididual garment is equiped with an RFID tag, which ensures an advanced management of common clothes e.g.: pullovers, T-shirts, polos, trousers, etc.

You easily keep track of the amount of clothes in circulation and the number of articles that your employee has already picked up.

Your advantages

  • Save on the total stock

  • The work clothes remain available for your employees at all times.

  • Follow the consumption in real time and make a correct planning.

  • Traceability and unmistakable indentification of each garment. 

  • Limitation of use by use of a credit system.

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Combine the WHITE C system with the WHITE Basket, an automatic collection system for dirty garments. This extension with collection container assures the complete registration of the clothing cycle.

Upon return of the garments, the chip is automatically read and registered in the system. This assures you that the clothes have been correctly returned after the use.

In this way, your employees dispose of a certain number of garments. If after the use, the dirty linen are deposited through the hatch door of the WHITE Basket, the employee can yet again take another piece from the clothes distributor.

The WHITE Basked is equiped with a roller container in which the dirty linen is stacked in a compact way to allow a maximum capacity of 300 articles, according to the type of machine and the type of clothes.

Your advantages

  • Immediat control and guaranteed return.

  • Automatic identification of the clothes and the user thanks to the RFID sticker which is attached to the article.

  • Centralisation of the clothes collection process.

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The third solution in the WHITE product line is the WHITE Case. This practical locker allows the distribution of bigger stacks of clothes and voluminous products in a limited space.

The WHITE Case UHF version, is an intelligent locker which automatically makes a real-time inventory of the available clothes. An RFID badge gives you access to these lockers.

Vos avantages

  • Suivi en temps réel de la consommation et planification correcte de l'utilisation.

  • Utilisable dans des espaces à surface limitée

  • Possibilité de distribuer des ensembles d'articles ainsi que des vêtements individuels, tout en assurant la traçabilité de chaque article unique.