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With a PPE vending machine you get a general overview of the usages, alongside this you also have a view on the individual usages of your employees. An accident at work should be absolutely avoided, you can achieve this by making your employees aware of the correct use of these PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Increase the safety in your company by using electronic key- or locker cabinets. With the help of these systems you simply limit the access to your most important keys, devices and tools.


We provide a safe storage of your keys, devices and tools. In that way these important assets will not fall into the wrong hands. In addition, you can easily set up profiles for all of our dispensing systems. This allows you to give a person with a certain type of profile access to a product by use of the personal company badge (RFID).

24/7 beschikbaarheid van uw producten


Take care of a constant availability of your PPE and MRO materials, tools and other devices also after the regular hours of the warehouse. This means that your employees will always have the correct products available, and this even 24/7. At Vendimat we rely on the responsibility of the employee. We give back the responsibility to the employees by means of a registered issuance.

Cost reductive
Realisati van kostenbesparing

Cost reductive

Through a registered issuance via a PPE vending machine we achieve a cost reduction of minimum 20% on the total costs of PPE, at all our customers and even long after the initial installation. We can easily calculate the potential savings with a case study, which we make for all our customers.

The automatisation of the issuance proces will also ensure a real time saving in your business processes. Vendimat can also help you with this.

Overview and reports
Overzicht en rapporten vanuit export

Overview and reports

You can create vaious overviews with our Vendimat PPE vending machines and lockers, and our electronic key or locker cabinets. This will support your prevention services, purchase department and the management. In addition, several messages can be sent to authorised persons.

By using the personal company badge, all transactions are registered, after which you can process your data into further analysis.

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