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Electronic Locker systems

  • Safe storage of tools.

  • Controled issuance.

  • Various combinations with lockers and/or drawers.

  • Possibility to charge tools after usage.

  • Individual RFID detection is possbile

  • Identification methods :  RFID company badge, code, fingerprint scanner or combination.

Do you, like your colleagues, attach a lot of importance to your devices and tools? Then the safe storage and control of these materials must play a major role in your company.

With our electronic lockersystems you have a controled temporary issuance of these tools and devices. Through the identification with the company badge (RFID technology), every issuance and restitution can be followed.

After using the device or tool, you simply but it back into a locker, after which your colleagues can use it again.

These lockers are modularly constructed depending on the products you would like to distribute and are therefore available in different shapes and sizes. In addition, they are particulary suitable for industrial applications and safe deposit of your laptops, tools, power tools,...

Discover the endless possibilities of our electronic lockers.

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