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Key cabinets

  • Safe storage of keys.

  • Controlled issuance.

  • Various sizes and designs

  • Possibility to check possession of key.

  • Steel keychains with ID plug.

  • Identification methods :  RFID company badge, code, fingerprint scanner or combination.

Keys may be one of your most valuable possessions. After all, they give access to your vehicles, forklifts and secure areas.​ Which is why key management gets more importance in the current business.

The safe storage of these assets by use of an automatic key locker can thus become one of your key-components in your company. Moreover, with our key cabinets you are certain of a registered and controlled lending of your keys.

You grant access to the keys in the system by means of the existing company badges. In addition, you can also easily set up restrictions. In that way you avoid that whoever had access to your forklifts or company cars.

After using a key you can simply return it after the identification with your badge. What follows is an automatic follow-up of all keytransactions per user.

In this way you no longer have to look for the current user of the keys.

The keymanagement system also allows you to make reservations for a certain key.

Sleutelkast heftruck
Sleutelkast vrachtwagen
sleutelkast wagens

Put your keys into safe hands....

Choose for an automatic and registered way of lending your keys.

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