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Vendimat PPE Vending Machine Touch

VendiLocker for PPE

New !

With a PPE vending machine, you give your employees access to the automatic distribution of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), tools and other consumables. The carrousel PPE vending machine is in addition the most reliable system on the market.

  • Registration of transactions via the existing identification badges.

  • Each configuration is unique depending on a careful calculation of your needs.

  • View on the indiviual and general usages.

  • Allows multiple analyses with reports, which improves the safety in your company.

  • Establishing limitations is possible but we recommend to let the employees choose freely.

P.S. With a Vendimat Vending Machine you save at least 20% on the costs of PPE, MRO products and other consumables due to the automated and registred distribution.

The ideal extension for the PPE vending machines.
The newest VendiLocker 30-S is a standalone locker with Touchscreen which replaces the vending machine.

With a VendiLocker you distribute not only  PPE and small tools in a registered way but now also larger tools, shoes, helmets and many more.

  • Selection via PPE Vending Machines

  • 16 lockers per VendiLocker.

  • Multiple extensions are possible per vending machine.

  • Large interior dimensions.


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