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 Specialist in cost reductive PPE vending machines and vending solutions since 2012 

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Who are we?

Founded in 2012

Established in Roeselare

Specialised in vending machines

Active in Europe


Vendimat was founded in 2012 and is a Belgian company, situated in Roeselare. Apart from the Belgian market, we are also active in Europe in for example, France, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Luxembourg and Slovakia.


We have always been specialised in cost reductive vending solutions. Together with our customer we always look for the solution that fits their needs the most. Since Vendimat is an independent supplier of the vending solutions, the customer can always choose which products he wishes to distribute.


Thanks to our thoughtful systems and a close cooperation with the customer, we can realise an increase in safety and a reduction of the costs.


Our automatic distribution solutions enable you to make various reports and overviews of the usages and lent products.

The fast and reliable issuance supports your warehouse and takes care of a continuous availability of your products.





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Our solutions for automatic distribution

Vendimat Touch vending machine
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Vendimat Standard Vending Machine
Locker for PPE and tools
Electronic Lockers for devices